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2020 Membership Fees

Membership fees for new members or renewals:

  • $120 ordinary membership

  • $114 family/couple (per member)

  • $98 youth membership

  • The fees are not pro-rata'd through the year until July.  6 Month Membership is available from July 1st and expires on 31 December.  The fee is $80.50 for ordinary members and $69.50 for youth membership (18-24 years old).

  • From 1st September it is possible for new members to join for the remainder of this year and the next year at a discounted rate. The cost for this 16 month period is $150 for adults and $122.50 for 18-24 years old. 

  • The cost for 4 months only is $52.50 or $42.50 for Youth membership


Age Restrictions

As Powerpoints is a masters swimming club, you must be aged at least 18 in order to join.  (Prospective members who also compete in amateur swimming events should check with their official governing body regarding their amateur status.)


Club Training

The first step is to come along and join us for a free, trial swim.  Check the club training page for details of location and cost.

Once you are a registered member (including 2nd claim swimmers) you are eligible to purchase 10 session club training cards at $150 or a 20 session card for $260 (which must be used within 2 months and by only one person)

You are welcome to attend club sessions for a maximum of four (4) sessions within a 1 month period before you must be a registered club member for insurance and administration purposes.

We look forward to seeing you in the pool! :-)